There are three different orchestra schedules and four enrichment classes to choose from:

“I love playing with other talented teens my age! We make amazing music together!”

1- Full-day Orchestra A schedule is for advanced players who are able to play standard repertoire concerti (Suzuki book level 5+) and play in tune with good tone.  They should play with vibrato, be able to shift and play a 3-octave scale.  They will be performing the following including a classical symphony (not an arrangement) with professional winds players:

  • Music to be announced in February

2- Part-day Orchestra B schedule is for intermediate players who  have a good music foundation, play in tune, be able to shift and have started vibrato (Suzuki books level 2-4).  Book 2 players must be strong readers. They will be playing:

  • Music to be announced in February

3- Part-day Orchestra C schedule is for students who are able to play about late book one, book two, or book three, possibly shift just a little, vibrato a little, and be able to read music a little. They will be playing:

  • Music to be announced in February

4- Enrichment Class only:  Enrichment classes ARE part of both the half and full-day schedules but they are available as stand alone classes for younger or older family members or friends.  Enrichment classes include a Youth Chorus directed by Dr. Murphy (3rd grade and older), Cello Choir (no minimum age), Fiddling, Mom & Tot Strings Class (ages 3-7 – must be able to play a G Major scale) and a Bass Workshop.  These are fun classes for any level of playing.

Please use the drop down menu here to go to “Getting Started” to learn more about auditions, scholarships, enrichment classes, and how to enroll for the different offerings.