Schedule A (Symphonic) $400 (full day) Includes enrichment class, orchestra rehearsal, sectionals, symphony orchestra, Friday dinner and activities,  Mon.-Fri. 

Schedule B (Chamber) $300 (partial day) Includes enrichment class, orchestra rehearsal, sectionals, Friday dinner and activities, Mon.-Fri.

Schedule C (Crescendo Orchestra) $150 (partial day) Includes enrichment class, orchestra rehearsal, Friday dinner and activities. Mon.-Fri.

Enrichment classes are part of the schedule A, B & C tuition but are also open to additional participants (siblings, and/or friends) at $60 for the week.  Options include: Youth Chorus with Dr. Murphy (no minimum age), Cello Choir or Fiddling or Bass Workshop.  The Enrichment classes will perform at the final concert on Saturday.

All participants are welcome to play in the concert on Saturday evening.

Making a Payment

A $100 deposit (non refundable) is required from all  participants at the time of registration for Symphonic, Chamber and Crescendo schedules . Deposits are due by May 31.  Balances will be automatically withdrawn on June 30, 2017.



In addition to affordable tuition rates, select applicants may qualify to receive a scholarship award. A limited number of talent ($100 for schedule A) and ($50 for schedule B) are available. To be eligible, students must submit the Scholarship Application by May 31st. Scholarship applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis so it is in the best interest of the applicant to apply as soon as possible. Scholarship awards will not exceed the amount of tuition and only one scholarship may be redeemed. Receiving a scholarship does not guarantee a chair in the Festival. Scholarship recipients are under the same instrumentation restrictions as other applicants as all seats are filled on a first come first serve basis. Scholarship applicants may register paying only the $100 deposit and wait to pay the remainder of the balance until they hear regarding the status of their scholarship application. Scholarship applicants whose participation is contingent upon receiving a scholarship should apply early and wait to register until they are notified regarding their scholarship application. The $100 deposit collected at registration is non-refundable. Scholarship applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

A limited number of talent and need-based scholarships are available:

  • Lyceum Symphonic Strings Talent Scholarship $100 each (current LSS members)
  • Lyceum Chamber Ensemble Talent Scholarship $100 each (current LCE members)
  • Lyceum Beginning Orchestra Talent Scholarship $50 each (current LCO or LPS members)
  • Willey Family Strings Scholarship for ten viola or bass students – $100 each

We also have a limited number of scholarships provided to children of parents who help with the festival:

  • Librarian – filled
  • Daily games and activities chairman
  • Daily lunch for faculty – Friday
  • Friday dinner chairman
  • Crescendo Orchestra Pianist – filled

Please contact Stacey Page if you are interested in a job that includes a scholarship.

Financial need scholarship applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

American Heritage School
Lyceum Music Festival Youth
736 N. 1100 E.
American Fork, UT 84003 

Download the scholarship application below.


"Lyceum provides rare opportunities to meet and work with fabulous guest conductors and artists. It is very unique and inspiring."

“Lyceum provides rare opportunities to meet and work with fabulous guest conductors and artists. It is very unique and inspiring.”